Florida Keys Seafood Shipping

Have a little bit of the Keys shipped right to your door!

Fresh Seafood ShippING Right to Your Door

No matter where you live in the continental United States, we will ship your favorite things to your door. So when your craving for great seafood hits, you know how to take care of it. Call or Contact Brutus Restaurant & Seafood Market to have your order shipped via FedEx.

All our prices are affected by market variables and are subject to change.

WHat can you get shipped?

Whether you choose something from our fresh seafood case or bring in your own fresh-caught fish, we will vacuum seal it, freeze it, and have it shipped anywhere in the lower 48.

Alternatively, you can order subscription boxes for monthly delivery of fresh seafood at www.keys-seafood.com.

The Logistics of seafood shipping

As with all perishable food items, shipping time is very important. If you are ordering fresh seafood it will have to be shipped overnight, which can be costly, but ensures the freshest delivery possible. If you’re having your fresh catch shipped home after a successful day of fishing, we will vacuum seal and freeze your catch prior to boxing it up in a cooler box and shipping it overnight. The sooner we can get your fish to your door, the sooner you can enjoy it!

fish case for seafood shipping at Brutus Seafood Restaurant in Marathon, Florida